Wheel Alignment & Balancing

With larger vehicles, every bit of responsiveness and control you have over your vehicle when on the road is vital. An issue with your wheels can very quickly become a problem when on the move, and the heavier the vehicle, the quicker it will result in you losing control of your vehicle.

Properly aligned wheels ensure maximum and consistent contact with the road below, all but eliminating uneven tyre wear and minimising the risk of a blowout on the road. At Spencer's we can provide wheel alignment and balancing for large vehicles, as well as servicing sway bars, tie rods and rack ends.

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Front-End Specialists

Wheel and axle trouble at the front end of your vehicle is especially vital to detect and repair as quickly as possible, as problems in this area can affect your vehicle's steering and power distribution, potentially causing far greater problems on the road than a similar issue at the rear of the vehicle.

Our team at Spencer's are experts when it comes to front-end alignment services and maintenance, replacing worn components on all makes and models of vehicles. We can swap out worn and tired king pins, shackle pins and spring eye bushes, ball joints, bearings, tie rod ends and rack ends, as well as fitting new shock absorbers to maintain vehicle stability on the road.

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The right suspension solution is critical to any vehicle capable of carrying loads. Being able to mitigate the weight of your payload and the road surface while also providing a smooth, comfortable ride for drivers requires precise engineering and maintenance.

The experienced team at Spencer's can service your vehicle's suspension systems, replacing worn components on all makes and models of vehicles. We can swap out worn and tired leaf or coil springs and air bag suspension kits for all manner of vehicles.

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